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Current Processing Times

25-35 working days : Dreads, Braids, Twists, Wigs, Bun Covers, Falls etc,
5-10 working days
: Loose Falls, Silky Curls, Cyberlox Falls, Streaks/Fringes, Neck Corsets etc,
1-3 working days : Braiding Hair, Weaving Hair, Hair Accessories, Hats, Jewellery and pre made items.
Rush Orders are not available, Processing Times do not include shipping. Working days are Monday - Saturday

Orders are taking 6-8 weeks as there is a HUGE demand for Implexus Hair Products!

Most recent creations...

SE Natty Transitional Natty Dreads SE Candycane Dread Kits

Welcome to Implexus - Hair modification, is based in the UK, has over 12 years of experience with synthetic and human hair extensions and offers a range of products and services including : Synthetic Dreadlocks both Double ended and Single ended, handmade hair weft using both synthetic and human hair, clip in fringes, hair falls, bun covers/drawstrings, streaks and clips. Unfortunately Implexus does not deal with wool what so ever, but there is work underway to list a host of wool extensionists.

There will be a wide range of hairy and hair relates accessories available from the Implexus shop, including mini hats, historical hats, scarves, legwarmers, jewellery, lipgloss, hair accessories, and DIY supplies.

more offers coming soon...

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